High Speed “LiFi” Network Created with LED Light Bulbs

Oh yes, you read it right. LEDs have now been used to create a “LiFi” network that can transmit data at 3Gbps! This system has been set up researches at the “Fraunhofer Henrich Hertz Institue” in Germany, and it has given everyone some interesting results and definitely a few things to think about. Bare in […]

LED vs Regular Light Bulbs

So another regular question that people ask me is the comparison between LED vs regular light bulbs. So that is the subject I am going to tackle today, giving you the average specifications of LED bulbs, and then comparing them to “regular” bulbs. Now before we start this we must specify what “regular” bulbs actually […]

The Best Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

So this is a question that has been popping up a lot lately. With popularity in LED light bulbs rising, people are interesting in dimmable LEDs. And of course, they ask me which ones are the best dimmable LED light bulbs. Now this question can be a little tricky to answer, due to there being […]

Philips Reveal Their Most Energy-Efficient LED

Philips are a company known for their impressive LED lighting technology, but this new bulb blows the rest of the competition out of the water. They have announced that this prototype tube LED is two times more efficient as their current commercial lighting. So this LED lights could literally half the electricity used on your […]

Why Choose LED Lighting?

So I have sat for a while, wondering what my first post could be. Then it came to me. Why not start with the basics? I am a big fan of LED lighting, and I think you should be too. If you aren’t let me give you some reasons why you should choose LED lighting […]

Welcome to Happy Lighting – First Post

Hello everyone! Let me personally welcome you to the new Happy Lighting Blog! This will be a very simple yet hopefully in-depth site focused around the lovely world of modern lighting. Most of these posts will be LED Lighting related, but I will also venture into the areas of economic fluorescent and maybe a spot […]